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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Six - 13 March 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Six - 13 March 2023 - Page 4

Best places in Iran to visit in winter


Iran is a country of four seasons. Every season exists and can be felt.
There are many different climates in the country. It is great to visit Iran during the winter, whether you like it ice cold or warm. For those who like to travel in mild weather, the southern and central parts of Iran are desirable destinations, wrote.
Winter in Iran has many gifts for snow lovers in the cold and mountainous regions, where they can enjoy skiing and throwing snowballs.
Winter in Iran
In Iran, winter shows different faces depending on the climate of the region. In some places it may go wild, while in other places it may be gentle and breezy. It can be said that winter in Iran has four different manifestations depending on the locality.
Cold and mountainous regions
A Siberian winter rules in the cold and mountainous regions of Iran.  If you like skiing, such places are heavenly. Alborz Province (close to Tehran) is a good place for such wintertime activity. It’s important to bring warm clothing. East and West Azarbaijan, Ardebil, Alborz, Kurdestan, and Qazvin provinces are prototypes of such Iranian winter.
Humid and moderate climates
Winter in Iran’s humid and moderate climates has a different reputation. Humid and moderate climates include provinces on the shore of the Caspian Sea. It’s mostly rainy and cold. At times it can be snowy, but snow is not the rule. The weather in such regions is cold, but not very cold. The sky is usually full of clouds, while sunny days are rare.
Hot and dry regions
Winter in Iran’s hot and dry regions is mild. Iran’s winter in such places is not too cold, but it is colder than other seasons. Some days it can be rainy and even snowy in these regions, but the average type of weather in such places is sunny. The weather is usually colder in the early mornings, yet around noon it is usually warm and mild. The majority of Iranian cities such as Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Kerman are of this type.
Hot and humid cities
In southern Iran, where warm-blooded people live in beautiful ports and on islands, the Iranian winter is very different from other parts. The winter in such places is another name for spring. The weather is so mild that at times you can go out in a t-shirt. Such places are great to visit in winter, for the weather is so mild and you won’t drown in perspiration when you go out.


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