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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Six - 13 March 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Six - 13 March 2023 - Page 10

Iranian Red Crescent Society’s special Norouz operation announced

Sixty-nine thousand youths and volunteers of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) will begin the organization’s great Norouz operation on March 15, 2023, across 1,600 bases and mobile stations throughout the country in order to serve travelers and tourists during the holidays, announced head of IRCS.
“In the final days of the [Iranian] year, and after the celebrations of the IRCS’s centennial anniversary, we are ready to deliver our services during the holidays with a jovial, revolutionary spirit,” said Pirhossein Kolivand, according to IRNA.
He went on to say that 69,000 youths and volunteers of the society will participate in the great Norouz operation, starting on Tuesday, March 15.
“The operation includes cultural and social services as well as rescue and relief provided at the entrances and exits of the cities,” said the head of IRCS.
Kolivand further mentioned that the plans for creating playfields for children are devised by the organization in order to create a fun, memorable holiday for families.
“Also, the operation includes creating educational environments for citizens. Moreover, the backup human resources of the society during Norouz will be more than two million people, who will be employed if necessary,” he said.
This Norouz, in addition to the IRCS’s rescue and relief base camps, mobile stations will be devised for service. At least 1,600 bases and mobile stations will be active for duty during Norouz, as well as all the ambulances and rescue vehicles, including bicycles.
“Our helicopters will also be on standby during the holidays,” Kolivand said.

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