MP: Iran sensitive about citizens’ security in border areas

Iran is sensitive about its citizens’ health and security in border areas, said an MP.
Making the remark in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, Mohammad Vahidi added Iran always highlights the necessity of respecting the principle of good neighborliness as well as neighbors’ border rights.
Commenting on the recent temporary detention and mistreatment of an Iranian border guard by Taliban forces, the lawmaker called for the implementation of decisive and serious measures by Iran’s Supreme National Security Council and diplomatic apparatus to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.
He noted that Iran has always acted based on wisdom, prudence and common interests in its relations with neighbors, has never interfered in their affairs, particularly near the common borders, and does not accept any action compromising its national security in border areas.
In late February, the Taliban forces mistakenly arrested an Iranian border guard who had been taken into Afghanistan unintentionally during the search of a vehicle carrying contraband goods at a border post.
The Iranian border guard ended up being captured by the Taliban forces after trying to stop a smuggler, according to Tasnim News Agency.
Quoting informed sources at the time, Tasnim added that the Iranian border guards serving at the Milak border crossing in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan had stopped a vehicle that was carrying contraband goods.  
After an Iranian border guard had gotten into the vehicle to carry out a search, the driver stepped on the gas pedal and drove toward Afghanistan.
The Iranian forces had refrained from shooting at the runaway vehicle, which was finally stopped on the Afghan soil by the Taliban forces, who arrested all passengers, including the Iranian soldier.
The misunderstandings were cleared up later and the Iranian border guard was released by the Taliban after a few hours.
Vahidi said the Iranian soldier had been on duty and sought to prevent entry by traffickers and illegal drugs into the country, stressing that the Afghan side was expected to treat the Iranian border guard with respect.



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