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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty One - 05 March 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty One - 05 March 2023 - Page 2

Iran-IAEA interaction basis

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During the recent trip, the contentious 84% enrichment claim has been settled, and the issue of reconfiguring the Fordo centrifuges has been addressed. The IAEA still has questions about three undeclared sites, which require further discussion, but progress has been made.
The establishment of an agreement between Iran and the IAEA could have a significant impact on the resumption of negotiations aimed at reviving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and reaching a final deal. In a few days, the IAEA’s Board of Governors will convene, and Grossi is expected to present a report on his meetings and agreements with Iran. If the report is positive, it is unlikely that the Board of Governors will issue any resolution against Iran. However, if they do, Grossi’s trip may be deemed a failure, which could further damage the trust-building process.
Nevertheless, based on the statements of Grossi and AEOI chief Mohammad Eslami, the meetings in Tehran have been fruitful. Therefore, there is every reason to be optimistic that a positive atmosphere will prevail in the nuclear talks to revive the JCPOA after Grossi’s report.

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