Iran’s animation ‘Loopetou’ could compete internationally: Filmmaker

Abbas Askari, the director of popular Iranian animation ‘Loopetou’ told to the media that the animated piece can compete with foreign cartoons.
The director added that when the film could stay at the top of cinema’s box office for over a month, then it has the ability to compete with foreign films, reported.
The animation took nearly seven years to be ready, Askari said, adding that 30 animators were involved in making the production.
The animation is about a hospital where Dr. Saeed Kamali treats his mental patients through letting them make toys.
“A person disguised as a patient vandalizes the workshop and causes its closure. The doctor’s son, Ali, tries to help his father to solve the problem,” a synopsis for the film reads.
‘Loopetou’ previously took part in various festivals in Iran and across the world, including the Universal Kids Film Festival in Turkey.
It was also awarded at the 4th edition of Ahmedabad International Children Film Festival in India.


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