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Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Seven - 27 February 2023
Iran Daily - Number Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Seven - 27 February 2023 - Page 10

20 countries want Iran’s medicine and medical equipment

Currently there are 20 countries that have asked Iran to provide them with medicine and medical equipment, announced Iran’s minister of health.
“Also, Syria and Iraq have accepted our Pharmacopoeia (a book containing directions for the identification of compound medicines),” said Bahram Einollahi, according to IRNA.
On the sidelines of the first fair of knowledge-based products in the field of food, medicine, and medical equipment, held in Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Mosalla, the minister added, “The health care field of our country is one of our major achievements and it has brought us many honors in the world.”
Einollahi noted that before the Islamic Revolution, Iran was completely dependent on the West, adding, “Unqualified doctors were practicing in Iran and many patients were sent abroad for treatment.”
According to the minister of health, the total number of Iran’s medical students was 180,000, and the country was completely dependent on the West in terms of pharmaceuticals, whereas after the revolution many changes were made and immense progress achieved, so much so that today Iran is one of the leading countries in the field of health.
“Today, we have 67 departments of medical sciences, 850 research centers, and 25 departments of pharmacology. Our greatest resource is our human resources; we need to use their potential.”
He went on to add that since immediately after the revolution, the enemies waged an all-out war against our country, adding, “As we witness that through war, inciting protest, and imposing sanctions, they are after damaging our revolution.”
Einollahi proclaimed sanctions a source of inspiration for independence and self-reliance, adding, “Today, many countries want to have friendly relations with us.”
The minister of health mentioned Iran’s plans to form a health league, and added, “We had a fruitful session with Zimbabwe officials, and had mutual negotiations with 10 countries in Geneva. Also, 20 countries now want our pharmaceutical products and medical equipment.”
Iranians are ready to hold scientific seminars at a regional level, he further noted, adding that the Islamic Republic plans to export medicines and medical equipment.
Iran is producing 99 percent of medicines and 40 percent of medical equipment domestically, Einollahi said.


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