Bardsir in Kerman a small but rich city in culture and civilization

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Bardsir, in the southeastern province of Kerman, is one of the famous Iranian cities in terms of its ancient history. It also has abundant historical and natural attractions which are unique in the province and the country. Here we will introduce some of these attractions to you.

Bardsir Citadel

Bardsir Citadel is situated in the center of the city, in front of the Jame’ Mosque. Its area is more than 2,300 square meters, which is on average eight meters above street level, wrote.
The citadel dates back to 300 years ago. The excavated spaces, including a courtyard with four symmetrical porches and eight entrances, as well as other residential facilities such as a kitchen and a water supply system, reflect the fact that Bardsir Citadel was once considered a suitable place for the rulers to live in. It was also used as a military fortress.
Minaret of Negar Mosque

Minaret of Negar Mosque is located on the Baft-Bezanjan route. It is one of the towers surviving from the Seljuk Period. The minaret is built of beautiful bricks, on which is installed an inscription of turquoise tiles in Kufic script.

Bahador al-Molk House
Bahador al-Molk House is an ancient monument which belonged to Brigadier General Abdolmozafar Khan, also known as Bahador al-Molk, who died in 1950. He was one of the wealthy, political figures of Bardsir. Raw clay and in some parts rectangular bricks were used in constructing the building. The house was renovated completely and is presently used as the office for the city’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department.


The city of Lalehzar is located 75km southeast of Bardsir. The mountainous climate of the region, its beautiful and numerous orchards, amazing diversity of vegetation, as well as its proximity to hot springs have caused the city of Lalehzar to become one of the most important tourist attractions of the province, especially in the spring and summer.
Bidkhan Village

Bidkhan Village is located 42km south of Bardsir. With a temperate mountainous climate, the region has important seasonal rivers. An ice cave, located 7km southeast of this village, is one of the main natural attractions of the region.

Bidoyeh Protected Region

The Bidoyeh Protected Region has an area of ​​168,033 hectares. The Kabutarkhan River, flowing on the outskirts of this region, hosts hundreds of waterfowl and shorebirds every year, which is unique in this province. The biodiversity and natural landscapes of this region have helped create unique tourist attractions for the province.
This area is also of significance in terms of vegetation, as 260 plant species grow here. Mammals such as deer, rams, caracals, cheetahs and some rare feline species, including Asian cheetahs, are among the protected animals that live in the area.
The Bidoyeh Protected Region is one of the best and most important habitats for deer and gazelles in Kerman Province.