Mossad team plotting armed riots in Iran dismantled: Intelligence Ministry

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry said it smashed a team of spies affiliated with the Zionist regime’s Mossad spy agency that had transferred a large arms cache to the country with the purpose of provoking armed riots and carrying out terror attacks.
Director general of the Intelligence Ministry’s counterespionage bureau said the Iranian forces arrested the members of the Mossad team who had infiltrated into the country from the western border with a large haul of weapons and explosives, Tasnim News Agency reported.
The Mossad spies were captured following intelligence and monitoring activities outside the borders and extensive intelligence measures by the Iranian forces, the official added.
The director general said that the Mossad agents had plans to use the arms in urban riots and terror attacks, adding that timely actions by the Intelligence Ministry forces prevented the Zionist regime from carrying out several terrorist acts of sabotage during the June 18 presidential election in different parts of the country.
“A hard blow was dealt to the Mossad’s terrorist network in the region.”  
The items confiscated from the Mossad agents in the recent operation include handguns, grenades, Winchester rifles, AK-47 machine guns and bullets, of which some were planned to be used for armed riots, he said.